Septic Tanks

If you have an on-site wastewater treatment system, it’s likely a septic system. To ensure its longevity, proper maintenance every three years is vital. This not only promotes a healthy septic tank but also saves you thousands compared to replacement.

How Septic Systems Operate

A septic system is made up of two main parts: a septic tank and a drain field.

  • Wastewater exits your home through a main pipe into the septic tank.
  • The septic tank holds waste, allowing solids to settle and oils to float.
  • The remaining liquid goes to the drain field for final soil treatment.
  • The system removes pollutants, but failure can harm your property and the environment.

Septic Tank Installation

  • Household Size: Consider the number of occupants.
  • Soil Type: Assess soil drainage capabilities.
  • Water Usage: Examine daily water consumption.
  • Local Regulations: Check local health codes.
  • Pumping Frequency: Decide on maintenance frequency.
  • Future Growth: Plan for potential household changes.
  • Professional Input: Consult septic experts for guidance.

Septic Pumping Services

Septic pumping services is a dirty job but an important one that can have disastrous consequences if done improperly. Rely on our team of septic tank pumping experts to properly care for your septic system and get the job done right.

If your tank is pumped on a regular basis (every 3-5 years), the solids can be removed fairly easily. The thicker the sludge becomes, the harder it is to remove the solids. Your septic tank may be full if you are experiencing:

  • Home water backups
  • Foul sewer odors
  • Sewage backups on your property
  • Slow toilet flushing
  • Water around floor drains

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