Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I hire a licensed plumber?

A licensed plumber is a professional who has had years of experience & is an expert in their field.


What is plumbing “code”?

Plumbing “code” is the regulation for the design, installation, and inspection of building plumbing systems 


What is the appropriate height for a gas water heater?

The appropriate height for a gas water heater installation would be 18-20 inches above the floor


How do I fix a leak in the plumbing in my shower/bath? 

 To fix a leaking shower head, we recommend replacing the gasket or having the thread wrapped properly; cartridge replacement may also help.


I moved my toilet’s location during a remodel (or a new floor install) and now it leaks at the base. How do I fix this?  

To fix this issue, I would recommend installing a new wax ring for the base of the toilet. An extra thick wax ring may be necessary depending on how the floor is leveled with the flange. 


My toilet is running due to high water pressure – what do I do?  

Check to see if your flapper is worn out, if it is then it’ll have to be replaced. If that is not the case then that would mean that the fill valve keeps on refilling, it would have to either be adjusted or replaced. 


Why does my toilet and/or shower bubble or overflow when I run the washing machine?  

The toilet/shower & the washing machine are connected to the same line. If one begins to back up into another that signifies a clog in the line. 


Do unused drains dry up and get rough inside? 

Yes, they do in fact dry up when not in use.


Can clogged vents stop drains? 

Yes, with the vents being clogged the water will not be able to flow/drain freely. 


When should I replace my water heater?  

A replacement of a water heater should occur after 8-10 years of usage & another sign would be when you begin seeing leakage coming from the water heater.


What should I do if the pipes under my sink keep coming loose? 

I would recommend tightening the pipes & making sure that they are properly connected


My dishwasher does not completely drain itself – why?  

There can be a blockage in the drain hose & that is causing most of the water to not drain out.


Do you suggest copper water pipe or plastic?  

Depending on where it is being installed.


How do I determine what size pipes I need?  

Reach out to us to learn more about all considerations.


How can I prevent my pipes from bursting?  

To prevent your pipes from bursting, I would recommend that you raise the temperature of the house so that ice may not be able to form in the pipes.